Silk Road  Vol 7.2

Check out our 7.2 issue of Silk Road with cover art by Irish painter, Josie Gray. Along with painting, Gray has also written a collaborative work with Tess Gallagher titled, “Barnacle Soup and Other Stories from the West of Ireland”. Read more about him in this article written by Tess Gallagher.

Issue 7.2 brings together the work of 21 authors.

“Years ago when I realized why I wanted a boyfriend (for warmth), I started viewing men as jackets. In a hug, I tried them on. How does this feel, I asked myself, moving my hands up and down their backs. Sometimes they thought I was trying to steal their wallets, but I didn’t know how to explain myself.” –Meg Thompson

Our first chapters section includes the opening pages from Lesley Heiser’s upcoming novel The Girl in a Tree. In “All you Really Need Is a Light Jacket”, Meg Thompson entwines the lives and habits of animals and humans. The New Millennium Writings prize winner Vic Sizemore depicts characters struggling to teach their children to live a life of non-violence in a violent world in his short story, “Squirrel Gun”.

In our interveiw with author Deborah Reed, the author talks about how balances multiple genres as well as her path to becoming an author.

Read excerpt from a couple of the pieces in this issue at our website.