In previous eras, if you wanted to hear live poetry in your home, you had to get to know local poets. They would invariably drink too much, or more embarrassingly not at all, and the servants would count the silverware when they left. Welcome to the twenty-first century, where rather than duels and drawing rooms, Google settles our arguments and finishes our sentences. The search giant has also made something else possible: live poetry readings that anyone in the world with a computer can attend.

10coverhomepageTwo such live readings will feature poets from the British poetry special feature in Silk Road Review Issue 10. The poets hail from all across the United Kingdom, and will meet up virtually using Google+ Hangouts on Air. Anyone with an internet connection who can watch YouTube video will be able to tune in to hear poets with a wide range of British accents and dialects reading their own poems. You no longer have to be in the UK to attend great British poetry readings.

Academy of American Poets Chancellor Jane Hirshfield says, “This entirely innovative series builds community among UK and American poets, who do want to know more of each others’ work. Plus it’s good for the planet: no airplanes.” Treat yourself to a virtual journey to the British Isles to hear some of the most exciting poets writing in the UK today. Mark your calendars now:

Sunday, October 13th at 8PM BST / 3PM EDT / noon PDT
Featuring Isabel Galleymore, Chris McCabe, Andrew Philip, and Paul Stephenson

Saturday, October 19th at 8PM BST / 3PM EDT / noon PDT
Featuring Fiona Benson, Mark Burnhope, Abi Curtis, Helen Ivory, Ira Lightman, Rob A. Mackenzie, and Esther Morgan

Here is where the poets come from.