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Call for Submissions Silk Road Review will be producing a special issue entitled ASIA.  We are interested in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction presenting an Asian or Asian-American perspective or work that explores an aspect of locations within Asia.  Writers of all backgrounds are welcome to contribute as long as the submission fits under the umbrella of ASIA.

Deadline to submit for the special issue: August 15, 2014

Prose can be no longer than 20 double-spaced pages in length.  No more than five poems per submission. Please write the word Asia in the comments box.

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“Oh no! I haven’t heard if my piece has been accepted! What should I do?”

It’s Christmas time, and you probably have a little extra time to think, “What the heck is going on with the manuscript I submitted? Has it been accepted yet? Or even rejected yet?”

The simple answer is probably that it is Christmas time, and many literary journal staffs, including Silk Road’s, are on a brief hiatus. So whatever timeframe the review has given you as a response time should probably have three weeks added to it. The staff that sticks around may be running at a little slower pace, so don’t expect a response one way or another during this time.

When the crew returns in January, their first task is usually catching up with any backlog, so you may hear back then. By February, if you haven’t heard a peep and your manuscript has been out for more than six weeks plus the three-week Christmas break plus January, then you could send a gentle email inquiring about an update in the reading schedule and if any editors know the status of your manuscript. The most likely response that you’ll get is a “hold on.”

And that’s my advice for any author: Hold on! Publishing houses and literary reviews work slowly, but they rarely outright lose a manuscript. It may take up to six months before you hear a reply, but remember that this is a good thing and means that some editor loves your work and is fighting for it.

A couple years ago I was the submission manager for Silk Road Review. That is, I walked across campus with a giant basket to the mailroom, filled it with the submissions we received, and walked back. I cataloged the submissions, sent them to our acquisitions editors for review (still in envelope wrapping), and once accepted or rejected, I separated the envelope from submission and filed the envelope in case we lost an address. At the end of the year, though, it was time to recycle the envelopes—hundreds and hundreds of envelopes.

I always felt like this was a shame, that although we were recycling these envelopes it would have been less wasteful to eliminate the need for paper in the first place. Paper can only be recycled so many times before the fibers degrade, and postal trucks use a lot of gas to bring us the submissions.

Finally, Silk Road Review has an online submission manager. No paper waste, no carbon emissions, no running across campus, and hey, the writer gets to save on postage too.

–Tanna Waters,  Director of Online Marketing and Promotions

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World Literature Today

The editors are in, and the new reading season has opened. We will accept electronic submissions through May 1st.

We publish finely crafted fiction, essays, poetry and translations that give
readers a vivid point of exchange, an interaction that could occur only in a specific time and space. This event could be captured in a poem or short story as well as in reportage or travel writing. It could happen in a drawer in New Zealand or on the expanse of the  African plains. Anyone from anywhere can enter into the conversation at Silk Road.  We’d like to read your fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

To see an expanded version of our submission guidelines, visit:

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